our vision

Legacy Academy will serve as an incubator for the community's social entrepreneurs, parents, voters, and good neighbors. Through experiential learning, our students are engaged in relevant, real world work that amplifies the crucial connection between the world of academia and long-term community prosperity. The value of our school community's work is first confirmed by the visible restoration projects, civic and social initiatives, and alleviation of local pressing issues, make possible through real world practice. Through our daily activities and projects, students learn that they are capable of taking actions that make a substantial impact on their community, and that they play a vital role in the continuation of critical civic duties. Service learning, and collaboration with local experts help students create their own pipelines to promising careers and educational programs. Legacy Academy students find normalcy in an education that fuses with their social life, and celebrates the successes and potential of their community and its members.

what's the purpose of school?

Legacy Academy is dedicated to cultivating a thriving, self-sustaining Far Rockaway by empowering our youth to be current and future leaders. To this end, the mission of Legacy Academy is to graduate each student with the critical thinking abilities, social skills, and civic experience necessary to lead the progression of their community.

HBCU Inspired Design Principle # 1

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

HBCUs provide a learning environment free of stereotype threat and discrimination to empower students to be uninhibited in the exploration of their passions and in the expression of their ideas. 

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57-10 Beach Channel Drive

Far Rockaway

New York City, NY 11692


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